Sandals for men

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      Men's sandals from SHOE THE BEAR

      Our sandals do not only serve functional purposes for walks in the forest or on the beach, but they are also perfect in securing that your feet stay fresh every time. At SHOE THE BEAR, we have limited our selection of men's sandals to an open sandal in a classic and simple design that makes them easy to jump into while being super comfortable at the same time.


      Men's sandals - a summertime must

      At SHOE THE BEAR, you will find our Luma sandal which is made from fine and durable suede with velcro straps on top that gives them the perfect fit. Equipped with with a cork midsole and a solid rubber outsole makes them perfect for a walk in the summer heat or to the beach. With the right pair of sandals, it almost does not matter whether the sun is shining outside - you will definitely still get that summer sensation.