As part of our production chain, we build strong and trusting relationships with skilled suppliers and manufacturers around the world.

The combination of close partners, global relationships and responsible sourcing is an invaluable influence on the way we design our collections. Moreover, it permits us to develop and innovate products that are useful, meaningful, and only become more beautiful with use and wear.

Our basic principles for a more responsible product lifecycle also represent a conscious approach to the end-user. Purchase only what you require, use and enjoy it as long as possible, take proper care of it, and repair and improve it as needed. To us, this means making products that are carefully designed to last and intended to be used and loved for a long time. It is essential that our designs will continue to be useful and meaningful for a long time. This is because the natural signs of aging will be integrated and celebrated, rather than seen as imperfections.

A further step in a conscious approach is the integration of responsible sourcing into SHOE THE BEAR's core material, leather. As members of the Leather Working Group, we are committed to sourcing all of our leather responsibly and transparently. This allows us to work closely with our manufacturers and reduce our environmental impact. Together with the Leather Working Group, we have developed better practices for sourcing materials and manufacturing processes. This has resulted in creative uses of components, leathers, and textiles, as well as forms, colors, and textures.

Committing to

Our mission is to improve and develop collections with responsibility, functionality and modernity at their core.


Leather has been an invaluable natural material in our footwear production, and it remains one of our core materials. Consequently, SHOE THE BEAR is committed to sourcing leather responsibly and transparently. Our membership in the Leather Working Group allows us to work closely with our manufacturers and to reduce our environmental impact in the leather industry.

In order to create each new design, we source materials from our network of local Portuguese suppliers. Whenever we incorporate leather into a season, we do our best to ensure that it is responsibly sourced and produced. This is so that we know exactly where and how it is produced. By working with the Leather Working Group, we have established better practices for responsible sourcing of materials and manufacturing processes, which has led to an innovative use of components, leathers, and textiles, as well as colour, form, and texture.

Our mission is to improve and evolve collections with responsibility, functionality, and modernity at the core.