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Our inspiration comes from how today’s kids stand against racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other injustices. They see no rules or limitations and demand space, acceptance, and the insistence of being themselves. They create a new world and new ways of perceiving the world and its beauty. From this creation comes a celebration of honesty, liberation, and love.

AW19 is a collection inspired by a generation of activists – they make the future happen and are a part of creating a new world. From this comes the idea of fashion as “armor” via heavy military boots, lace-ups, and chunky chains, as seen in the collection. Consequently, AW19 celebrates power and individuality which results in a collection of shoes that are dying to be worn with leather dresses, head-to-toe animal print, and a nod to the riotous spirit of the late 1990’s rave revolution.


Explore our web shop and become a part of our shoe family. Our collection consists of timeless styles made from luxurious materials making them an investment and companion for life. Our leather and suede shoes are made in Portugal with care and love. To ensure all our shoes are made with appropriate care and in the right quality that matches our values, we follow the entire production process and the preparation of leather materials from start to finish.



Our designs are primarily characterized by a minimalist expression for the simple reason that the heart of SHOE THE BEAR is of Scandinavian origin. In spite of the classic and minimalist soul that we attach to our shoes, we cannot help experimenting a little. So, do yourself the favour and explore the new exciting styles - maybe they are not for you, or maybe they are just what you are looking for; or did not know you were looking for.


We design bootsankle bootssandalsstilettosflats and sneakers that make you stand out from the crowd, in many different ways, if you wish to do so. Create a casual vibe with our wide range of sneakers, whether you are into a classic or sporty look. With our leather shoes you can perfect your casual outfit, look great and always feel comfortable! If you want to look great for weekend events or special occasions and in need for new heels, look no further - we have heels in luxurious quality and perfect comfort that make you shine all day long.


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