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This is it. Our fine collection of men’s leather footwear. Here you’ll find shoes, boots, trainers, even winterboots, all of it from Shoe the Bear, all for men and all in delicate leather. The production behind Shoe the Bear’s game changing footwear collection is by all means based on quality craftsmanship mixed with real leather. We aren’t messing with you, and neither are we messing around. Our focus on making leather footwear is what you may call a tunnel vision, a 100% clean focus on only that, as we believe this level of concentration is the only way to ensure that you guys get exactly what both you, your outfit and your feet deserves. This tunnel vision is also what have made us experienced leather footwear designers. When winter is coming and you are in need of handcrafted leather boots to defend your man feet from the clinching cold, this is the right place to go. But when summer is near, and you need to step your game up, we also have leather shoes and trainers to help you prepare. But okay, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, if you wanna look damn sharp for a wedding, a high class party, maybe a bar mitzvah, or just everyday at the office because you’re the definition of serious business - If you seek to pimp up your suit, for any of these special occasions, we find it reasonable of you to expect to find a footwear solution here, on our official Shoe the Bear online shop.

Leather boots and shoes for men

We take great care in the production and design process of our shoes, and make sure that they become so detailed and unique, that you could say each Shoe the Bear collection gains it’s own personality as an end result. That’s why we sometimes name them the same way you would name your kid, or some would name their cat. We have Felix, that with his EVA Flex outsole is a really comfortable guy to be around, and despite his soft character actually has a few stitches on the body and his round laces. We also have Bob, whose rubber sole and wool lining makes him the kind of fella that always keeps his company warm and cozy (Warning: don’t let your girlfriend spend time with him. He’s too good).
We have lots of shoes, some with usual names, and some with unusual ones. Once you buy a pair, that doesn’t really matter anymore - you can name them whatever you like. Anyways, it’s nice to have you here, and we sincerely hope you find what you are looking for, or maybe even find something you didn’t realise you needed. If you think it would be a good idea to drop by this page again fairly soon, we think you’re damn right. If you find something you really like, and just can’t get enough of it, what do you do? You look for the source. This is the source. You found it. This is definitively the best place to look for new leather shoes, if you’re a fan of Shoe the Bear. If you order your men’s footwear through our official online shop right here, we’ll personally make sure that your top quality, better than great leather shoes will reach your chosen destination safely and soundly. All we ask of you in return, is that you wear them with pride.